Tambralyn's Portfolio


UI/UX Project 3


This is a lender lead site. The goal of this site is to bring possible clients to the contact form and have them fill it out. This site is built through DNN and I only had two weeks to complete the site from design to build. The customer has access to make any changes through the site using the CMS system.



  • Did a 1 hour consultation of design elements needed
  • Client offered me 3 other sites he liked
  • I quickly drew up a wireframe and took picture to send to client for approval
  • Client was happy with the wireframe and required a quick turn around time for an ad that was in production
  • View some of the UX and Completed Designs


  • I suggested images to use on site, client liked some and found others
  • Created a color pallete that matches clients logo
  • Cut up design to be coded
  • Coded using bootstrap
  • Built site in DNN with HTML5/CSS3/JS
  • Found JS code online to make the process quicker
  • You can view site by going to: http://lendirect.com